Where Dreams

Take Flight!

Where Dreams

Take Flight!

We simplify investing in commercial real estate so veterans and patriots can
grow their wealth with confidence and leave the hard work to us.

Are you ready to make your money work as hard for your family’s future as you do?


“Greg opened my eyes to the possibilities of multifamily real estate investing. He and his team maintained open and transparent communications that revealed not only their competent management of the properties, but also their savvy selection of investment properties. The results speak for themselves. You can bet I’ll be staying with Greg and the team at BluSky!”

Scott Packard
Major, USMC, Retired
Defense Contractor and Freelance Journalist
BluSky Investor Club Member


Let’s Make this Simple…

Investing in commercial real estate – as opposed to single family homes – gives economy of scale and allows savvy investors to invest without actively managing the property. This is called passive investing.

But…commercial properties cost a LOT, right?  That’s where the power of syndication comes in!

A real estate syndication is simply a team of investors who pool their funds to purchase a property, usually much larger than any could purchase on their own.

The sponsors (general partners) actively manage the project, and the passive investors (that’s you!) get cash flow, appreciation (growth), and tax benefits – without having to spend their valuable time. We call this “mailbox money!”

Are you ready to start earning your own “mailbox money?”

Here’s How It Works

1. Get connected

Join the BluSky Investor Club, a community of people like you who want to build wealth and pursue their dreams, and have a meeting or phone call with us.

2. Get Savvy

We’ll get to know you, help you learn more about these investments, and give you the tools to sit in the driver’s seat with confidence.

3. Get Invested

We’ll share investment opportunities with you and guide you through the process of evaluating them and making decisions to invest.

4. Live Your Life

After you invest in a property, your work is finished… relax! We’ll be working hard behind the scenes and sending you routine project updates and distributions of cash flow.

“Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.”

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad



There’s no better and more reliable way to build true wealth than investing in real estate. To take the first step of your journey, click to join the BluSky Investor Club.