Cornell Apartments

Phoenix, AZ

Open to Accredited and Sophisticated Investors (per Sec. 506b requirements)

Open to both cash investments and existing IRA/401k investments

First come, first-served basis (with preference given to higher investment amounts)

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  • Historic low vacancy rate: 5.0%
  • 12-month asking rent growth: 15.1%
  • Rents below national average (despite high growth)
  • Rent-to-income ratio: median rents are ~20% of median household income
  • Economy has greatly diversified since great recession
  • 72% of pandemic job losses recovered by March 2021
  • Businesses expanding operations in Phoenix
  • Amazon opened 11 fulfillment & last-mile sites in 2020 and opened 95,000-sf office in Tempe
  • TSMC building $12 billion semiconductor factory (>1,600 jobs)
  • Zoom opening R&D center
  • New data centers for Microsoft, Google, & Apple
  • Growth in insurance, financial, medical, & service industries
  • Historic low vacancy rate: 5.0% (3.6% for mid-tier properties)
  • 12-month asking rent growth: 13.5%
  • Forecast average asking rent growth: 6.1%
  • No new construction underway – insulated from risk of new supply/construction
  • Most properties are 2 & 3-star low-rise garden-style (like Cornell!)
  • Phoenix light rail transits the submarket – still expanding (economic growth driver)
  • Common employment:
  • Call centers
  • Customer service – General Dynamics, Wells Fargo, & Blue Cross
  • Medical
  • Shopping centers/malls
    • 51 units in 2 stories (48 original units plus 3 recently-added units)
      • Original 48 units are all 2/2 and 3/2 (3-bedroom units are rare in the neighborhood) – great for families
      • Newer units include two 1/1’s and one studio
    • Exterior/Mechanical:
      • Previous boiler/chiller systems replaced by individual roof-mounted HVACs and hot water heaters ~15 years ago
      • Individually metered for electricity (except new units – on house power and pay additional utility charge)
      • Flat foam roof system
      • Swimming pool
      • Gated walking access to property with security system
    • Interior:
      • All units upgraded with hard-surface countertops (granite/quartz)
      • All units have in-unit washers/dryers (comps in the area do not have them)
      • Flooring is a mix of vinyl and tile
    • Miscellaneous:
      • 1-mile median household income is over $55,000
      • Property management has been poor and rents and utility charges are below market
    • Make it safe: improve lighting, gates, and security system
    • Make it nice and clean: re-brand, exterior paint accents, improve pool area & courtyards, standardize/improve interior renovations
    • Maximize value: 
      • Bring in more professional property management
      • Increase rents and utility charges (RUBS) to market
        • Unit rents are on average $140 below market rent (comps don’t have washers/dryers or granite/quartz counters)
      • Opportunity to create two more 1/1 units
      • Create private patios for 1st floor units for proven $50 rent premiums
      • Water conservation

    Class A Limited Partner: Preferred class paid before both Class B Limited Partners and General Partners

    • Minimum investment: $50,000
    • Cash flow distributions: 12% annual preferred cash on cash returns – paid monthly
    • No equity at sale. At sale, investors’ initial investment capital is returned to them, along with their share of cash flow due.
    • Depreciation: Does not share in depreciation.
    • This class is the least susceptible to economic uncertainty and has the highest expected returns from cashflow, but has no opportunity for equity growth.

    Class B Limited Partner (traditional passive investor)

    • Minimum investment: $75,000
    • Preference given to those investing at least $250,000 who want to 1031-exchange at sale into another deal
    • Cash flow distributions: 80/20 straight split paid quarterly (80% to Class B investors, 20% to GPs).
    • Equity at Sale: At sale, investors’ initial investment capital is returned first. Remaining equity after costs of sale is split 80/20 with the GPs .
    • Depreciation: Shares in depreciation with the GPs on an 80/20 basis.
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